About Hair at the Academy

Hair at the Academy is a training salon that helps students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to succeed.

About Us

Meet the Director

Mary Pugsley SSRH is a Hair and Beauty Tutor and Founder and Owner of Hair at the Academy. Mary is passionate about giving people the chance to train and succeed in getting into employment. She and her team have worked hard over the past 11 years to develop Hair at the Academy into the success it is today.
More than 200 students have taken qualifications, with a 95% pass rate.
Hair at the Academy continues to seek funding to extend its provision to meet the high level of demand for this specialist training. 
Mary Pugsley - Director

Our Story

Who are we?

We are a team of people brought together through Hair at the Academy, committed to making a difference to people’s lives through education to employment.

Our team includes:

  • Claire –  Specialist in Behavioural Management and Assessment
  • Vicci – Face to Face (Career Advice)


  • Jen – Lead Barbering
  • Tyler – Tutor: Barbering and Hairdressing
  • Nikki – Tutor: Hairdressing colour specialist
  • Lynn –  Tutor: Hairdressing and Barbering
  • Pedros – Tutor: Barbering
  • Vicky – Lead Tutor Hairdressing and Barbering (IV)
  • Sadie –  Maths and English Tutor
  • Leah – Barbering Specialist

Call us on 07974 750699 or email: info@thehairacademy.co.uk